Key Skills

Justin Lamb Associates can provide the following key skills and experience in relation to residential land, planning and development:

  • Assessment of land for residential development purposes
  • Identification of issues and delivery of solutions
  • Undertaking and management of the due diligence process
  • Strategy for promoting land for residential development
  • Planning applications
  • Section 75 legal agreements
  • Affordable Housing
  • Financial Appraisals and cash flow
  • Assessment of land value
  • Project management
  • Selection and co-ordination of professional team to achieve planning or sale
  • Market research
  • Land sale through tender or shortlist

Justin Lamb Associates operates in all stages of the residential development process and prides itself on its ability to assess development potential of land at the outset and provide a strategy for delivering planning approval and realising the best value from the land.

Our experience allows us to procure market aligned planning consents and solve the land, planning and technical issues that arise and need to be addressed prior to a residential development or land sale event.

Relationships with landowners and the key parties in the planning and development process is very important. We work closely with planning authorities, Community Councils, communities, architects, engineers, surveyors, solicitors and a range of other professionals. Our knowledge of the residential land process allows us to interpret the advice and input from a number of parties, capture the key elements and present a strategy for achieving the client’s goal.