Affordable Housing solution assists Edinburgh Park planning approval

Posted: Fri 11 Dec

Justin Lamb Associates is pleased to have formed an integral part of Parabola’s consultancy team that successfully achieved planning approval for the largest residential development in Edinburgh for over 60 years, as well as being the largest Build to Rent project in Scotland, on land centred around Edinburgh Park station.

JLA’s role related to the delivery of an affordable housing solution, which in a project that is to create more than 1,700 new homes led to a number of ground-breaking aspects that were vital to help secure cross-party political support.  The agreed solution, which will result in the Council’s full 25% requirement being met on site, includes an innovative blend of traditional tenures and less familiar unsubsidised models that is to the mutual benefit of the City of Edinburgh Council, affordable housing providers, Parabola and Edinburgh’s residents.

For further information on affordable housing consultancy, please contact Justin Lamb or Iain MacPhail.